Feeling dead inside?
Go outside.

A collection of extraordinary treehouses and tiny homes for unforgettable adventures.

Stay in pristine nature, gazing up at the stars, at places that inspire your most creative self and nurture your well-being.

Perhaps you dreamt of sleeping in a treehouse (or other magical location) as a child. We're bringing dreams to life— all the adventure of childhood; yet, wrapped in adult creature comforts. Unique accommodations that enliven your senses.

Hometree is curating awe-inspiring locations in nature, designed by Artistree, to help you reconnect to nature and to yourself. Visit soon!

A vacation for you,
and the planet

Breath in

Nothing washes your mind of daily strife and restores your sense of peace
like sleeping in a tree.

A 500-year old tree or wide open star-studded night skies have a way of putting life in perspective.  Our locations allow you to experience the wonder and awe that nature has already created for you over hundreds and thousands of years. You will find yourself renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated.  Come experience nature’s rhythm, be serenaded by a different kind of ‘night-life’,
and listen deeply to your own heart.

Breath out

Forests are the lungs of our planet and this is a pivotal moment when future generations will hopefully look back and see we invested in their future.

Visiting an Artistree location, you are not only taking care of yourself, but also the planet.  Our designs and construction are light on the land and our operations give back to the planet. Read more about how your trip to an Artistree location is helping today and tomorrow.

Choose from one of our amazing escapes in nature

Artistree has been designing and building unique accommodations to stay for over a decade – delighting thousands of guests internationally, new and returning, in whimsical lodging, from treehouses to tiny homes. Explore our growing collection of magical places.
Sonoma Coast

Whichever location you choose, come unplug and reconnect to nature, yourself, and the adventure called Life.

If you have land and want to join our movement to protect, plant and share forests become an Artistree HOST.  We are curating incredible locations where guests can get outdoors, experience awe-inspiring nature, while giving back to the planet by supporting forest health and planting new trees. More locations are on the way!

How to adventure.

Here's some tips of what to bring.

A pair of Binoculars.
Take a breath and look a little closer...
A trusty compass.
Leave your phone at home and still find your way.
A cozy knit cap.
Evenings in the woods can get chilly. Stay toasty.

Stop fantasizing. Start living your dreams.

One click is all that's between you and a deep recharge.

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