For our home.

We're working for the whole planet.

No matter where you call home, ultimately it is somewhere on this planet earth and trees are the lungs of our planet.

Welcome to HomeTree by Artistree where we give you a way to experience trees up close by sleeping in them all while helping restore the health of our forests and our planet.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground;

There are a thousand ways to go home again.

— Rumi

How we give back

Protecting forests can regenerate people as much as the planet.


Artistree plants one tree for each night stay in one of our treehouses so that each guest is contributing to a brighter tomorrow.

We partner with Eden Restoration Projects —an organization who is not only planting trees but also solving social justice issues in the countries they work—because climate issues are ultimately people issues, too.

Planting trees to sequester carbon, improve soils, and create thriving local economies!


5% of Artistree profits are dedicated to forest restoration projects. Together we can fund work that improves forest health, and reduce the risk of wildfires.

Starting with restoration of the forests, creeks, and land where our treehouses reside, from there we work out into the surrounding communities.

Each forest and community is unique, and our job is to listen, learn, and ultimately act.


We hope your stay at any HomeTree location, will give you a renewed love for nature and help us grow a network of landowners becoming active forest protectors.

Artistree is growing a network of private landowners —creating a new model of land conservation, where collectively we protect forests from development by creating a light footprint. The results are revenue for the landowners, a way to share these amazing places with you, and a profit stream to restore and keep these forests healthy.

A new view on business

We're doing things differently.

Holistic Capital

We partner with investors who want to make a difference while earning high returns.

Land Stewardship

We see land as a precious resource to be shared, not a commodity to be used.

Regenerative Development

We ensure our designs respect the land and the planet, before hammering the first nail.

Local Partnerships

We create placed-based experiences for our guests, help local economies, and create long-term vitality.

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